Our Projects

Each of our projects will aim to focus on improving the lives of Care Leavers within Oxfordshire.

Below are some of our current projects:

Mentorship Project 

The Mentorship Project supports Care Leavers aged 21-30 years old, to mentor Children in Care aged 14-18 years old.

It is an opportunity for Care Leavers to provide support for Children in Care who are coming up to, or currently in their transition to independence to become a Care Leaver.Through sharing experience of being in the care system, this project aims to provide additional support to future Care Leavers.


Business Champions 

The Business Champions project provides  Care Leavers with an experience in a real working environment. It is an opportunity for local Oxfordshire organisations to provide small work experience days for Care Leavers in order to open the doors on their future of what career or skill they would like to learn.


For the last three years, we have supported our county's Care Leavers at Christmas by providing a gift especially chosen for them.

Each year, we aim to provide a gift for a Care Leaver in Oxfordshire, who may not not receive anything on Christmas Day. All gifts are donated by the generous Oxfordshire Community. 

Last year (2019), we were able to collect, wrap and deliver 50 gifts for Care Leavers all over the county. 

If you would like to support us this year in any way, please let us know.

Donating a gift 

If you would like to donate a small gift to a Care Leaver this Christmas, take a look at our links below. 

We are using a go fund me page, so we can source as many local gifts as possible, as we understand this year is incredible difficult for all business. If you would like to donate towards this, please click the link. 


Alternatively, for gifts we can not source locally we are using an Amazon wish list. These gifts will be delivered directly to our OCLA address. 


If you would like to get involved in any of our projects please contact us via email, OCLA@oxfordshire.gov.uk

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